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Controller Akademie new business seminar: Modern Budgeting


28. svibnja 2015.

Mjesto održavanja:

Zagreb, Hotel Antunović

At one-day exceptional seminar ‘Modern Budgeting’, participants will be trained by Dietmar Pascher, partner and trainer in Controller Akademie Munich.

Controller Akademie Munich is one of the best schools of controlling in the world, known for its unique approach and completely unique methodology. Participants will have the rare opportunity to see the best practice of the German controlling.

To determine a budget does not mean the money has to be spent. Since the budget is based on a company's business objectives, it should be considered as a guard-rail enabling the firm to reach its goals!

Who should attend:

  • controllers and their heads of departments
  • top management
  • sales managers
  • analysts, planners, accountants and heads of departments
  • managers of BU, key account managers
• IT experts, that are introducing solutions to support controlling (BI, DW, Planning ...)
• all that are facing planning and monitoring of individual business processes of sales managers of various business functions who want to explore sales controlling and controlling tools

Seminar content:

  • Strategic Planning
    How to develop a strategic plan
    Which analyses are useful
    How to anchor with operational planning
  • Operational Planning
    Why does the classic way of budgeting not work anymore
    What can we learn from beyond budgeting
    How to apply modern budgeting
  • Integration of Planning and Risk Management
    Why risk management is an important planning tool
    How to use it for plausibility checks
    What are the most important elements of good risk management

Date and time:
May 28th, 2015, Hotel Antunović, Zagreb, from 09:00 to 16:30

Seminar tuition is in English language, as well as all manuals and presentation. Therefore, in order to benefit from participation at least a passive knowledge of English is required.

Registration fee for this seminar:

  • the standard fee is 1,600.00 HRK + 400.00 VAT = 2,000.00 HRK
  • the ICV member of the working group Croatia fee is 1,300.00 HRK + 325.00 VAT = 1,625.00 HRK

10% of discount is offered when at least three participants from one company register for a seminar.
The seminar price is per person and includes all training materials, lunches and refreshments, and certification diploma in English.
Full payment of the invoice must be made before the start of the seminar as a precondition of participation.

Online registration here: Registration

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